At Eastern Insurance we understand the importance of family and taking care of our loved ones. This is why we promote having Life Insurance to take care of expenses if you pass away.


Life insurance provides the peace of mind knowing your family would have the worry taking from them to cover mortgage costs, funeral expenses, living costs, etc.


A plan that best suits your family's need will be offered at a rate that meets your budget.


We offer many types of Life Insurance including:

                Term Life Insurance

                Permanent Insurance

                Joint Life Insurance

                Mortgage Insurance


Some benefits of having Life Insurance are:

                Covering funeral expenses

                Assisting with your children's education costs

                Provide financial assistance to help your loved ones maintain their current lifestyle

                Pay off debt including mortgage, loans and credit cards.

                Provide finance to help your family maintain their lifestyle

Life Insurance

Health Insurance

Having the perfect Health Care Benefits for yourself or your employees is so important in order to be covered against unexpected medical expenses, prescriptions, eye care, dental care, etc.

Travel Insurance

Whether you are going South for the winter to escape the cold weather, travelling the globe or just crossing the border for a day of shopping, purchasing Travel Insurance should be the first item you cross off on your checklist of things to pack.


Travel Insurance is economical and a 'must have' if you are visiting outside of Canada.


We offer insurance for:   


                Emergency Medical Insurance in the event you are injured outside of Canada

                Trip Cancellation Insurance

                Lost Baggage

                Trip Interruption